How do I become a member?
In order to become a member you must first be a member of the breeders’ society; so for example, if you want to apply as a Brahman breeder then you must first be a member of the Namibian Brahman Breeders Society (NBBS).

The next step is to complete our application form and send it to us.

If the application is for a company or trust, then proof of registration of the company/trust must accompany the application form.

If the application involves a partnership, then a signed copy of the partnership agreement (completed by each partner) must accompany the application form.
But what if there is no breeders` society for the breed I want to apply for?
If the society does not yet exist you can always start one. This will involve creating a constitution and registering the breed with Livestock Improvement.

Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding this process.
Do I have to be in Namibia or a Namibian citizen in order to become a member?
Not at all, we have members from around the world.
What is the minimum number of animals required for membership?
We have no minimum requirement, but some breeders’ societies might. The number will depend on the society.
What if I no longer want to be a member?
In order to cancel membership we will need written notice from you. Simply send us an email with the request to cancel membership.

Please note that because society membership is a requirement for membership with us, membership must be terminated with us if it is terminated with the society.

Persons who cancel membership after the 30th of June (the start of our new financial year) will still be responsible for the membership and herd fees for the new year. This also counts for all outstanding debt, membership will only be cancelled once all outstanding fees have been paid.


When and how do I register new births?
Once membership has been processed and you have received your member number then you can start registering animals.

Birth registrations must be done in one of the following ways:
  • The Birth Notification book (available at our office)
  • The Excel template (that can be requested from us)
  • The Herdmaster or Mobile Livestock programme – please first make sure whether it is available/compatible with your breed
How can I transfer an animal that I bought/sold?
The current owner of the animal must apply for the transfer (usually within 30 days of being sold).
How the transfer is done depends on the breed and will be specified in the byelaws of the breed’s constitution.
How do I apply for an inspection of my animals?
Inspections are arranged through the breeders` society.
Where can I do the required DNA testing and how much does it cost?
If your breed requires DNA testing then you can bring us the sample along with the required form. We will then send it in for testing. Testing is done at the UNISTEL labs in South Africa.
If you are in South Africa then you can request the test directly from UNISTEL and send us the results.

For a list of the costs, click here.
How do I cancel/cull an animal that is no longer active in my stud?
Animal cancellations can be done throughout the year by submitting a written request/email, or all at once before the new financial year starts.

You will receive a new levy list in the beginning of March each year on which cancellations can be done. The returned list must reach us before the specified date on the cover page.

Please note that animals that are ``held in error`` cannot be cancelled this way. The problem must be solved before cancellation can be done. Another option is to remove the animal entirely from the system by requesting we “delete” the animal.
What is performance testing, is it required and how do I do it?
Performance testing is available for our livestock breeds. Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are calculated using performance data, which involves submitting weight and trait data.

Doing performance testing is optional – as indicated on the membership form when first applying. You can also decide to start at a later date by sending us an email and informing us that you wish to start doing performance testing.

Twice a year (April and October) we will provide each member with a Performance Form for different age group which needs to be completed and returned to us. You also have the option of submitting weights throughout the year.

Performance feedback will be provided in the form of an EBV Report and a Completeness of Performance Report. Feedback will include stud statistics and observations.


Do I need to be a member or log in to view animals?
No. All animals can be viewed under Animal Enquiries as long as you have the ID or full name of the animal. The ID must be entered in the correct format (for example: 19-0001ABC)
By logging in as a member you are able to filter the search results specific to your herd.
How do I log in?
You will need your member number and password to log in. If it is your first time logging in, email us with a request for your password.

Go to your breed and select Download Files.
Click signed on.
Enter your username and password.

For first time login we will provide you with a password. You will be prompted to change the password to one of your choice which you will be using from then on.
How do I upload photos of my animals?
Breeders cannot upload their own photos, but you can send us the photos and we will upload them for you. These photos will appear next to the animal’s information in Animal Enquiries.

Simply email us the photos you would like us to upload, but please make sure that the photos are renamed to the complete ID number of the animal as is registered with us.
Can I download a list of all my animals? What other documents are available?
A levy list can be downloaded from our website. To get the latest updated list, send us an email and we will update the list.

You will need to log in to download the files (available under Download Files).

You can also download an inspection list (all the animals ready for inspection), the information requests (problems and explanations of animals that cannot be registered) and the performance reports.


How much is membership fees per year?
Our financial year starts the 1st of July each year. Each member is required to pay a membership fee and herd fees (cost per animal).

You can find a list of all the fees here

Aside from penalty fees and DNA fees, there are no other costs involved.

Please not that accounts will be suspended when payment is 90+ days overdue.
What payment options are there?
Payments can be done via internet transfer or in cash at our office (we do not have a swipe-machine at this time).
Paying through the PayToday app is also an option.
What are your bank details for EFT payments?
NSBA payments can be made to the following account:

Standard Bank (Namibia)
Account number: 041428463
Branch: 082372 / Universal Branch

Reference: Use the INVOICE number (ex: INV12345) or your Account number as reference.
What are penalty fees?
Penalty fees include:

Late fees– each breed has a maximum period in which we must be notified of the birth of an animal. This period is usually 90 days after birth, but may vary according to different breeds (please see the society beylaws)

Double-Late fees – This applies if a birth is registered 180 days+ after the date of birth for most breeds.

Reinstatement fees – A fee charged when a breeder requests for the reinstatement of a cancelled/culled animal.


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